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What Are The Features Of the Taxi App?

To be competitive in the marketplace, you need to create a mobile solution for your business. The field of technology has seen numerous innovations in the last couple of years. Taxis aren’t an exception. Taxis will stand out from other competitors by being able adapt quickly to the latest services, such as Uber-like or rental companies that can offer similar amenities at lower prices and still offer better customer service than traditional taxi businesses.

The market is flooded with different taxi apps. But, there is one kind that is specifically designed for established businesses in need of help. This app allows customers to make reservations for rides, and also expands their client base. It also helps drivers locate potential fares faster than they have ever before.

Two distinct apps were developed by the development team to meet the requirements of both drivers and passengers. This gives both drivers and passengers greater control, allowing them to access the features they need.

These are the must-have features that must be included in driver apps.

The most crucial aspect to ensuring loyalty of customers in the taxi business is making sure drivers have full control over their applications. Driver-friendly features allow new customers and those who are already customers to concentrate on the task with less hassle which will result in more effective service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers love mobile apps that are efficient and best for their jobs. GPS tracking systems track the exact location of the passenger, but when they are shared, it makes it more simple for a driver who needs to find them at any given time since they will know precisely where the loved ones are going.

Button for Availability

Drivers can now utilize their smartphones to mark themselves open to new requests and get information. Drivers will be notified immediately if there is an order. They can then find another price or provide further information, including the location of their vehicle.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature will allow drivers to compare their performance with other participants and gain useful information on their journeys. You will also be able to view comments from other riders to determine if there are any positive or negative comments.

SMS Alerts and Emails

The taxis will receive important messages from their passengers via SMS or email alerts. They are also able to reply to these queries with an acceptor decline option using a simple interface, which is beneficial for both parties of the transaction.

Start/End your journey

Maps are a convenient way to find your destination. They will also display the drop-off and pick-up points making it much more convenient for everyone involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

If a person requests transportation they’ll be able to tell when it’s accepted or rejected within a matter of minutes. If the driver isn’t responsive within 15-30 seconds after receiving the notification through the app, it’s a sign that no vehicles are in the area.

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