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Saudi Arabia Visa Types: What Is The Right Visa for You?

Visitors who want to travel to Saudi Arabia may find it difficult to get visas. You’ll learn everything you need to know about visas and how to apply for them.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visa for Business/Commercial Use

The most common and easiest visa type to Saudi Arabia is the commercial/business visa. This visa permits people to visit Saudi Arabia for their business or organization, provided they’ve been invited by someone who is already doing business within the Saudi Arabian market. You can apply online anytime before leaving and if you meet certain conditions like having sufficient money at a specific bank that will allow money to be released upon demand.

When a client would like to take their loved ones to an event, they should first sign into the office at the entrance and then sit patiently as that particular office goes about its business. Sometimes , it can take one month, other times three! All schedules have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in the city. Invitations will be sent out with no unexpected delays or issues. You’ll be excited that someone special will join you soon.

2. Working Visits to Work

Take note that one of the most important benefits of a visa for business is that you are only paid by your US employer and you won’t receive any kind of direct payment from Saudi hosts. If they feel this is an issue, make sure that their application for visiting worker permission has been filed. However, keep in mind that it’s processing through the same procedures as other applications , so anticipate some adjustments in the way you interact with Embassy staff.

3. Government Visa

A government-sponsored visa is the most simple and third most requested visa. This type of permit may be obtained through a visit to various Saudi Arabian government institutions or their employees at the Embassy when applying and, in addition, less documents by the applicant will be required when applying for this type of sponsorship. The approval usually comes within 1-2 business days and it’s free.

4. Family Visit Visa

Family Visit Visas are extremely difficult to obtain since they require documents that prove your relationship with the client. If you’re planning to visit grandparents, you will need to have birth certificates and marriage licenses. What’s even more crucial is the established relationship between the parents and their children. This kind of travel document has a huge impact on your spouse.

5. Residence Visa

The residence visa is for those who want to relocate or establish themselves in KSA. This kind of document for immigration is only available through the Ministry of Interior and it’s connected directly to the Iqama card, meaning that you require an employment-based visa as well. They will send you an invitation with a yellow color. However, it is important to read the entire issue.

6. Work Visa

It can be difficult to get the Saudi Arabia work visa. The most difficult visa is the one which requires that you work for your employer and enjoy benefits. This is only possible if your employer offers direct hiring. The majority of people have to undergo several recruitment firms before being assessed for employment.

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