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Donate Now To The Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is in the grip of a crisis of human rights. The worst cholera epidemic that has ever struck the globe has claimed the lives of thousands and made tens of millions of people sick. In the meantime, hunger strikes continue across Yemen, where people are protesting against at the oppression of government troops. They are also accused of using unrestrained bombing campaigns to eliminate regions controlled by rebels, with no regard for civilian life or infrastructure areas.

Yemen is home to 16 million constantly hungry. The system of health care in Yemen is basically broken because of seven years of war. There’s nowhere else to turn to for assistance than the comfort of home, alive or dead. COVID19 victims are starving because doctors lack the resources to provide them with the care they need. They’re too focused on fighting one another instead of making a point of saving their lives.

The conditions in the country’s poor make it a fertile breeding site for HIV-related sexual transmission. There are 4 million people who have no place to call home, and they can’t even feed their bodies because food prices keep rising and wages are low- there isn’t enough money for the basic necessities like clean water and healthcare! It’s because of this that the pandemic cannot be prevented without international aid. However, it is important to act fast before it is too late.

While the Yemenite population has been fighting Cholera spreading for a while however, they are not free of threat. With the help of international organizations like World Vision UK and Save The Children US as well as COVID -19 in place, it seems that there could be some hope on the horizon.

How your contribution to Welfare Trusts is helping the Yemeni population? Yemen

These trusts have the capacity to provide food and water to millions in an era of immense suffering. They offer a COVID-19-specific hygiene kit to prevent infection, which has already killed many Yemenis.

In Yemen the welfare trusts have worked tirelessly over the last few years to assist those most in need. They offer aid for those in need regardless of conflict or difficulty reaching their destination. That’s why they’re vital for international agencies.

This is a time of struggle for many people, and we are grateful that there is assistance available to people who require it. By working with local partner groups and providing cash and food so people can buy essential goods while helping to boost the economy should hopefully get them out of hunger or at a minimum, closer than they were before.

Women in Yemen have been given an opportunity to live their lives again because of the numerous generous donors who give their time and cash to support this cause. A welfare trust Maternity hospitals are supported by charitable donations so that all mothers can have their babies safely without the risk of health problems or water deficiency during labor. Rehabilitation units provide post-birth care which includes medication, if needed as well as psychological support when mothers return to the world again.

Many welfare trusts are giving hygiene kits to families living in camps. They also supply safe drinking water to schools and hospitals as a way of responding.

For more information, click yemen appeal